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A catchy little Kikuyu song has lit up Kenyan Tiktok with many people spawning remixes and even posting videos of themselves either reacting to the song’s seismic effect or just jamming along to it.
The song is an EDM hit produced by Brazilian music producer Zerb and which features vocals from Kenyan singer and songwriter Sofiya Nzau.

The song, titled ‘Mwaki’, explores the relationship a young woman has with her strict father who, from the lyrics, has warned his daughter against marrying a certain man – but she ended up with him anyways.

‘Mwaki’ is a Kikuyu word meaning ‘Fire’, a word which is also normally used as an adjective to express the character and mannerisms of a tough, no-nonsense person.

In a beautiful melodic voice, Sofiya sings, “Na niguo Muthee akoragwo Muaki, na nianjirite ndigakuhikie, Anyona mucii niekurakara, Nake arakara dahorekaga…. Nuuuu nuuu… No uthamire…”

The lyrics can be translated to; “My Father is very strict, he had warned me about marrying you, If he sees me home he will get angry, And when he gets angry he’s uncontrollable… You will have to relocate!”

Despite the fact that tens of thousands of people who have fallen in love with the song are not Kenyans and would not even understand Kikuyu, the song’s overall effect – the squiggles, the builds, the drops and the thumps, which are predominantly EDM, have left fans hyptonised and madly obsessed.

Zerb, a renowned whomp merchant himself, also delivers in the topnotch production which has made the song gain such quick popularity and amass such a staggering amount of views on Tiktok and other streaming platforms.

Awhile back, while explaining his preference to add female vocalists on his tracks, EDM legend Calvin Harris said, “It’s basic science… A good, soaring, high-mid female vocal bounces off the walls nicely, and it doesn’t interfere with the bass or drumbeat.”

‘Mwaki’s success appears to peg on Sofiya Nzau’s distinctively soft-yet-throaty vocals which have lifted it from just another fleeting Tiktok banger into something particularly special.

The synths and deep bass, also, have contributed massively to the song’s viral effect with many online music reviewers praising the exemplary production and the brilliant execution.

‘Mwaki’ is one of Sofiya’s many songs in the EDM genre. She also has a quirky song titled ‘Kiwaru’ done in the Amapiano style.

While addressing fans on Tiktok, the music newbie, who was born in Miruri, Murang’a, revealed that she is a Kikuyu married to a Kamba man named Nzau who also happens to be her manager and producer.

Nzau also produces and sells beats (some featuring Sofiya’s vocals) online on beatsbynzau.com.

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