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Ugandan singer Jose Mayanja alias Chameleone was in Kenya for business. The musician has trended for days after he publicly exchanged a kiss with his brother Weasel on stage during his recent concert.

In a recent interview with Mambo Mseto, Chameleone said he was just appreciating his brother, Weasel for standing with him even when nobody believed in him.



The previous date was 9th February but the show didn’t go down as there was a heavy downpour in Kampala which led to the destruction of the stage that had been set but happened on the 24th of february that contributed to his success.

Chameleone exchanged a kiss with his brother Weasel on stage during the concert and everyone has been talking about it.

The¬†‘Valuvalu’¬†hitmaker owned up to his mistakes, saying he regrets it.

“I have a family. I have parents and I have children. As an African, I apologize to all. People said all sort of things after my show failed. The only people who remained with me were Pallaso and Weasel and they pushed me. I am sorry about what I did,”¬†he said.

“I wish to also apologize to my fans, friends, for the deed me and Weasel shared on stage. I know that most of my friends are really offended and didn’t carry it lightly. I sincerely apologize. There was just too much energy, excitement and I actually regret it. I also apologize on behalf of him (Weasel),” said Jose.

This is not the first time that Jose Chameleone and his brother Weasel have displayed affection towards each other on stage. In a concert held in Bujumbura, Burundi, last year, the two brothers shared a passionate kiss on the lips while performing.

A few days ago, President Museveni signed into law a bill toughening penalties for gay people but without a clause criminalising those who do not report them.

Moreover, just a few weeks ago, the singer and his brother Pallaso stirred up mixed reactions in a video which showed them dancing while holding each other. The video was reportedly taken while the brothers were shooting a music video.

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