president Kenyatta halves the cost of maize flour

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Kenyans To Pay More For A Plate Of Ugali As Prices Rise


The cost of maize flour, used to make Kenya's staple food, has been cut in half less than three weeks
before general elections.

The measure aims to deal with the rising cost of living that has seen prices of basic commodities soar. A
2kg (70 oz) packet of maize flour will now retail at KSh100, instead of KSH 200.
Critics say Mr Kenyatta is using the measure to influence the choice of his successor in the 9 August
elections.Mr Kenyatta has rejected the accusation and said the price rises themselves were political.
"It is shocking to politicise the misery of the vulnerable… it's more distasteful to gain political capital out
of the sufferings of the vulnerable, without offering solutions," he said in a speech.
His government has blamed external factors, including Russia's invasion of Ukraine, for affecting the
prices of fuel and food.As a result, the number of vulnerable households in Kenya has increased
tremendously, and the cost of basic food items has risen beyond the reach of many families.

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