One on One with Rhumbacane’s Prince Yaba

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Welcome to December and in good fashion, we bring our special articles sizzling hot from the Mama Dj Desk. If you have heard of the song ‘She can Gerrit’ then you know what we’re talking about. We had a chitchat with Simply Yaba – the prince of Rhumba Cane and here is our One on One.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a musician, a guy who loves music. I am a spiritual guy and transcends that onto my stage presence. I grew up in Machakos and came to Nairobi when I was 12 years old.

When did you start your musical career?

Professionally, I started my musical career  in 2016

Initially, you were in a band, what led to the change into a solo career?

Yes, I was in a band and I took a different direction because I thought I needed to grow. I felt like I was stagnating so I wanted to grow and accomplish all that I had set out to do so I decided to set out a solo path.

Now that you’re a solo artist how has the journey been and what projects have you been able to release?

The journey has been great! I have found a new freedom, now I can do whatever I want, at whatever time and however I want to, wherever I want. I have made progress, I have released an EP called Rhumbacane which has 6 tracks and a few singles out there like ‘She can get it’, ‘Jatelo’, ‘Jaber’ all available on all streaming platforms.

What is Rhumbacane?

Rhumbacane is a fusion of Rhumba, Trap, and Benga with a touch of new school lyrics and melodies. It’s my own thing- it’s a combination of “Rhumba” plus “Cane” for sugarcane to mean its sweet Rhumba.

Just recently Sauti Sol’s Bien said he was interested in collaborating with you- what is your comment on that and do you have any projects lien up with him?

Bien and I go way back, we met kitambo and it’s just a matter of time for us to do something together. About coming projects, that will happen naturally because Bien is such a good musician who does want to do a song with Bien? I think it’s just a matter of time, in good time we shall do something together. I am very much interested in the collab.

How did you get to be in Hustle Sasa? Have you felt any difference in your business?

The curators called me when I was in Sagana for Afro-Fusion and he told me that he has a solution for my problem, that I can make money easily and interact with my fans one on one. I think it’s the best platform compared to any other platform. I survive the whole of 2020 Covid through Hustle Sasa and the interaction between me and my fans was just awesome. I remember when someone would DM me and ask for my music I would direct them to Hustle Sasa. It really is the future of musicians. Their target is to have 100,000  creatives on their platform in the next three years which I think is dope!

What do you think ails the Kenyan music scene?

I think it’s just politics. Siasa tu. I don’t think people support each other, I wouldn’t say Kenyans don’t consume Kenyan music, I just think the western culture has invaded our industry and promoters have made it worse by bringing foreign artists and paying them a lot of money so it doesn’t go back to build our industry.  There are those musicians who love each other but others view the colleagues as competition. I am glad that I am doing my own thing with Rhumbacane.

What are you currently working on and what should we expect from Yaba?

I want to hold the biggest new school Rhumba concert in East Africa. We’re looking at the 5th of February which is my birthday and still have a few solo projects on the side on the same day or before.

Word of advice to upcoming artists?

I keep saying if a woman stops pushing, a child will not be born so keep pushing and don’t stop.

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