M.Alby Alias king of smiles quits making videos with strangers

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TikTok creator Mohammed Alby aka King of Smiles has ceased recording content with strangers, the decision coming after several people sued him for making them smile.

Alby’s signature videos involve approaching people on the street with short punchlines that often leave strangers laughing.

The content creator, says he has been sued severally and he has no option but to discontinue the popular format.

“After I post the next few videos I have in my gallery, I will never do a video with any stranger in Kenya. I’m completely done with spreading smiles because at the end of the day what it’s gotten me is making me not even want to see another day.

“I’ve held on for so long. I’ve shot so many videos in the past months bringing smiles to people yet I’m sinking mentally so badly because I’m getting sued for making someone smile,” Alby explained.

The content creator shared a court notice on his Instagram page, perplexed that he is being hounded for making people smile.

Alby claims that what he is going through has affected him mentally since he has worked hard to build his own brand only for other people to drag him down.

“I’m tired of having to smile and keep being positive out there yet I’m in the worst mental state I have ever been in. You’re all alone in this world fellow youth.


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