“I think the exposé was planned”, Singer Marya comes clean on husband-snatching allegations

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Singer Marya best known for “Tumekuja Chokoza” went on Switch TV the other day but boy did she dish out tea. The singer was asked to clarify allegations made in the past that she had stolen someone’s husband?

She said, “From that story, I learned a lesson about friends because these were people I thought were my friends. Those photos that came out were photos I thought that I was sharing with someone I thought I was in a relationship with.”

She then explained the prior circumstances that had occurred that had occasioned the husband-snatching allegations;

“What I think happened is some of the ladies stole the photos from my phone, by sending to themselves. When I asked the person how the private photos had leaked, they said that I should talk to my friends. I have learned that my own company is the best. At the end of the day, the issue is trust.”

But there was still a blessing in disguise from the whole ordeal as some great people came forward to support her,

“After the scandal, I had people who really wanted to walk with me. I have people who actually cared and gave me great advice.”

The mother of one was also asked what her biggest regret was so far? She admitted that not saving when she was making a lot of money was a big regret of hers.

“There were many artists who approached me telling me the way I was a big name but I didn’t listen to them. When you are making a lot of money when you’re young, you don’t think about saving. I think I would save.”

Adding ruefully, “Don’t think that just because you have become big you know everything. The people who were advising me have been there and they knew.”
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