How I got my 3 songs into ‘Beat of the week’ Octopizzo narrates

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In an interview on ‘Iko Wapi’ Mwafrika’s YouTube channel Octopizzo narrates how he got into mainstream media. When Mwafrika asked him how he met with Dj Pinye who was the producer of the long-running entertainment show on NTV called ‘The beat’, Octopizzo narrated the story behind his “Beat of the Week” Chronicles.

“Imagine people used to think Pinye was my manager. I used to go to Wapi and not perform. So this time Wapi had moved to Sarakasi in Ngara, during one of the festivals of Sarakasi called Sawa Sawa is where we met. So he came to the festival once when I was headlining. I performed that day and Pinye came to me and told me I’m rapping vizuri do I have any records done? Nikamshow I don’t have anything to show, so he told me to get commercial and record a song. Well that how I hoped into the studio and ‘Voices of Kibera’ using my friends beat,” he said.

During his interaction with Dj Pinye, Octopizzo disclosed that Pinye told him that his TV show was a family TV and his show aired during the day so he need to be conscious of his topics.

“So I got a producer in Kibera and recorded ‘Voices of Kibera’. The song somehow got to so this mzungu Documentary film maker called Chris Sang who offered to do my video for free. So I took the video to Pinye. Pinye said, he’d never seen a clean video like this one! He took it and played it on ‘Beat of the Week’. He came back to me and asked me if I have any other songs because  ‘Voices of Kibera’ had gotten such good reception. So I went to the studio and recorded like 4 songs in about 3 hours. I recorded ‘Mama’, ‘Ivo Ivo’, ‘On top’ na ‘Biz ni Biz’. So I called Pinye and played him all the four songs,” he added.

“He didn’t like the songs, he just liked ‘Mama’ because it was my life story, and instructed me to go and do a video on it. So I went and shot all the four songs. So I shot ‘Mama’ sent it to him, which went straight to ‘Beat of the Week’ and sent him a trailer of ‘Ivo Ivo’. When he saw the trailer he was baffled and was like send me this video. By that time I had already dropped ‘On top’. So now after I dropped ‘Mama’ and now ‘Ivo Ivo’ they all on ‘Beat of the Week’ on ‘The Beat’.

‘The Beat’ is a TV show that aired music from all over and the hottest video played on ‘Beat of the Week” throughout the week. The show aired from 5-6 pm every weekday on NTV.


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