‘Father Studies’ is a tribute to my son says Sauti Sol’s member Fancy Fingers

todayDecember 17, 2021

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Kenyans were recently surprised after learning Sauti Sol’s Polycarp alas Fancy Fingers is as good behind the mic just as he is with his guitar. Even though fellow members Bien, Savara and Chimano have always sung, for more than a decade, Polycarp has remained mum, that is until recently when he surprised Kenyans by announcing his debut album dubbed ‘Father Studies’.

But according to Polycarp, singing has more than just proven he is also talented vocally. It was solely about connecting with his newborn son. A chance to express himself and show emotions.

“The initial idea was for other people to sing. Number one I didn’t intend to sing at all and then when I brought the songs to my brothers to see what they think and everyone was like ‘imagine it sounds so great.’ he said in an interview with CTA on YouTube

“I realized part of it I am not singing to the world even. It is not about people saying ‘oh you don’t sing’ I have never felt any type of way because I know my value, I know exactly what I can do.”

Polycarp said that singing has helped him accomplish what a lot of men are unable to do: show their emotions.

“You are like; if I act like this I’ll look awkward or if I start singing to my son or my daughter I’m gonna sound weird, or it is a sissy thing to do,” he said.

“When he is old enough to understand he’ll realize that my dad doesn’t do this often but he did it for me. I wanted to show him that it’s OK to be vulnerable as a man.”

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