Singer Akothee shows you, life truly begins at 40!

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Singer Akothee is many things one thing she isn’t is silent. She is always loud and proud for standing for what she wants and what she is. The singer has already started planning for her 42nd birthday yet to happen on April 8th. The mother of five went to social media to say that she sacrificed her thirties to take care of her children but now she is about to be about herself!

@Akotheekenya You know you are all by yourself! Stop relying on people who can’t even put their own lives together. @40 you need to start enjoying life more holidays , les complains more of smart moves. You can’t work hard at 40! SMART it is hard wachia watu was ma 20s& 30s.

She has already planned her upcoming birthday which will happen on a yacht. She posted a picture of a yacht and captioned it.

@akotheekenya When my daughter asked me why she never saw me on holidays or slaying…my answer was, I was broke with my hands full of responsibilities, I had priorities in life . In my 30s, Now in my 40s see my birthday package… You can join me if you can pay 20,000 Euro’s.. Sorry my birthday is taken…4th floor it is…Akoslay…Mmmmmmm.

Who even plans for her birthday three months earlier if not for Akothee and If her Instagram pictures are anything to go by- it looks like it will be a bomb birthday.

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