Most streamed Gengetone songs on Spotify released

todayDecember 17, 2021

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Spotify released the list of the most streamed songs on the app in 2021. Of the list is Afro-pop band Sauti Sol,  Sol Generation’s Nviiri the Storyteller,  Otile Brown, Nyashinski,  Bensoul, and Nikita Kering’ with ‘Ex’.

That’s not all the Gengetone also took their share of the pie. After the genre popped up at the end of 2019 and 2020the genre was popular with the young audiences but didn’t find any favor with the older mature audience due to their raw way of putting things especially the raunchy themes in their songs. That didn’t deter them from getting some good numbers on the Spotify streaming app.

The best Gengetone song is ‘Shamra Shamra’ by Mbuzi Gang featuring Mejja, while coming in second place is ‘Cheza Kama Wewe’ by Trio Mio, Mejja, Exray, and Nelly The Goon.

Here is a list of Spotify’s compilation of the best Gengetone songs of 2021

Shamra Shamra by Mbuzi Gang featuring Mejja, Cheza Kama Wewe by Trio Mio feature Mejja, Exray and Nellythegoon, Hapo Tu by Nyashinski and Chris Kaiga, Zimenice by Chris Kaiga and  Tezzla, Kalale by  Willis Raburu, Rekles, BreederLw, Mejja and Ssaru, Ala by Dantez 254, VDJ Jones, Rekles, Odi wa Murang’a and  Trio Mio, Daktari by Ethic Entertainment, Pandemik by Ochungulo Family, Lewa by Parroty, Mejja, Kabagazi and  Oneboy and finally Foto Moto by Benzema featuring  Noti Flow.

The viral marketing campaign dubbed ‘Spotify Wrapped’ was started in 2016 by the streaming site and has since been released in early December every year.

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