Leaving the gospel industry doesn’t mean I’m not a Christian -Bahati

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Singer Bahati says he fasted for days before he switched from the gospel industry to secular music. Speaking in an event in which he launched his wife Diana as a rapper, Bahati explained why he did not involve any religious person while making his decisions.

“When I was switching my music, I had problems with Kabi Wa Jesus. When I did the song, ‘Wanani’, I did not wait for any pastor to tell me what I was doing is right or wrong. I wanted God to tell me himself, God speaks to all of us,” he said.

Bahati went on to say that after the three days of fasting, he was at peace with his next move.

“I went for three days fasting before releasing Wanani. We fasted for three days, on the fourth day, I will not say I am spiritual, but I was at peace. I released the song and it  became a hit.”

Earlier on, Bahati said his relationship with God was intact, “I just separated myself from the Gospel industry for a while, but I’m in Christ and the Lord is my personal saviour. I think right now Wanani is the most played song in the country, and it’s because it was requested by both secular and gospel fans because I’m still a son of Christ,” said Bahati.

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