“I did not leave the Gospel, I left the industry”, L-Jay Maasai

todayJanuary 13, 2022 16

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It is no doubt that so little has been heard from the award-winning Gospel musician L-Jay Maasai. The singer has been under the radar since the onset of the pandemic and probably before. One thing is for sure he is no longer in the Gospel industry and he addresses this issue in his recent Facebook post.

“When I took a break I lost my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. I was hacked I’ve only managed to recover Facebook and Twitter. Instagram? I have not been able to recover. Any help is welcome,” he said.

“Many have asked why I left the Gospel industry, let me make it clear today that I did NOT leave Gospel, I left the industry but God is still my number one, I will sing and praise His Name every day of my life because I’m the only one who understands where He has brought me from. Through prayer, fasting, and self-realization I have discovered new directions that I did not see before…”

This is not the first time he has come out to say that the Gospel industry is filled with cartels. In a 2019 interview with Nairobi News , L Jay Maasai came out to say that the industry was filled with cartels and that he lost alot of opportunities and shows because of that. He went to say that 2019, which was the last year he released his last gospel song, was one of the most difficult years in his life.

We hope he blesses us with some good music this year.

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