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Zari Hassan confirms split with Ugandan husband Shakib Lutaaya

todayFebruary 27, 2024 15

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Socialite Zari Hassan has made headlines once again, this time revealing that she has parted ways with her Ugandan husband, Shakib Lutaya.

In an interview with Millard Ayo, Zari disclosed that the decision to separate was mutual, emphasising the need for both parties to have space.

Contrary to widespread speculation linking the split to her recent video appearance with Diamond Platnumz, where the two were seen holding hands, Zari clarified that issues between her and Shakib predated the controversial video.

“Shakib and I have had issues before. That is why in November and December, I decided to delete his photos on my Instagram page. We had big issues, and it is not because I did the video that Shakib has left South Africa,” Zari candidly revealed.

A video circulating online over the weekend showed Shakib packing Zari’s belongings, sparking rumors that he felt disrespected by the interaction between Zari and Diamond.

Addressing this, Zari acknowledged Shakib’s feelings, expressing regret for not discussing the video with him beforehand.

“I don’t blame him for feeling how he feels. Had I told him before Diamond released the video, he would be okay. Now that he has left, I have decided to give myself some space from the whole situation,” Zari explained.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Shakib’s recent cozy video with Ugandan female DJ Alisha has also raised eyebrows.

Zari now says that Shakib had dated Alisha in 2019 and suggested that his actions were driven by frustration and a desire for revenge.

Despite this, Zari expressed understanding, stating, “I don’t blame him.”

“Shakib shared the video with some bloggers so they can spread it. He did it out of frustration so that he can revenge,” she said.

In a reflection on the role of social media in exacerbating tensions, Zari lamented the negativity promoted online, highlighting her initial introduction of Diamond to Shakib in an effort to foster a peaceful relationship among them.

“I am the one who introduced Diamond to Shakib because he spends most time with our kids that even Diamond. We decided to have a peaceful relationship with Diamond, Zuchu and Shakib.”

Regarding her recent promotional video with Diamond, Zari admitted her mistake in not informing Shakib beforehand, acknowledging his feelings of disrespect.

She disclosed that she had apologized to Shakib, recognizing her error and seeking forgiveness.

“My mistake was that I did not tell Shakib that I had done a promotional video with Diamond. That is where I am wrong. He was also caught by surprise and he said he felt disrespected when I am around the father of my children. I have asked for forgiveness.”

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