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Distasteful photos of a Kenyan woman sitting on the floor while her employers enjoy lunch at a popular Nairobi restaurant have disturbed the internet.

An X (formerly Twitter) user going by the handle @kuntakitten claims that, while having lunch at the restaurant, she noticed that a woman, who she says is a housegirl, was forced to sit on the floor as her well-to-do employers enjoyed lunch, comfortably perched on the seats.

The X user also attached two photos showing the hapless woman, dressed in what appears to be work uniform, sitting forlornly on the floor, with her hands crossed.

An obviously displeased Kunta said, “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him…We had lunch at Zen Garden, Nairobi, and we spotted this family that had their maid sit on the floor while they dined!”

She went on, “In this day and age!”

Almost immediately, Kenyans on X joined in the condemnation, berating the restaurant for condoning such behaviour while also thoroughly castigating the employers for the apparent discrimination and classism.

X user @FrancisHook said, “The establishment itself is complicit in this otherwise they would have immediately disallowed this!”

Another user @tinycharaoh said, “Sasa imagine how they treat her at home where people are not watching…”

While yet another user @charleskihoro chimed in, saying, “There is an empty table just beside her. They would have made her sit there if they were so repulsed by her presence or left her at home!”

Many others asked Kunta what steps she took after witnessing the barbarity with many suggesting she should have intervened and offered the housegirl a seat.

“Did you at least speak to the management about this? Or ask the waiters what is happening? I know I couldn’t just sit and let this pass. I would have immediately approached her and even faced that family head-on!” one user posited.

In 2018, a maid was barred from having dinner at the Singapore Cricket Club sparking a heated discussion across Singapore on the policies of private clubs there.

Actor Nicholas Bloodworth recounted in a Facebook post how his family, along with his brother’s maid, Mary, had gone to a restaurant in the members-only club to be told by a staff member that “we do not allow maids here”.

According to Mr Bloodworth, the staff member said maids were not just prohibited from the eatery but also the entire SCC premises.

He said the staff member told him Mary had to wait in the carpark.

Source: Citizen

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