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Taking the world to the next level where we live in the future while staying in the present with MediAR app launched on 8/12/2023 at Michael Joseph Centre. According to Black Rhino VR this is a cutting-edge app first in Africa with no code and user friendly app has made it possible to interact with our surroundings, and blend in real world digital experience. This app brings immersive experiences at your fingerprints by turning ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures.

MediAR is a life changing app; a project granted by Ignite culture; ACP-EU culture programme [East Africa]. Implemented by HEVA in partnership with British Council Kenya with the financial contributions of the European Nations.

MediAR  brings you augmented reality paintings by simply scanning to reveal layers beyond the canvas.The art reveals whatever a normal human eye cannot see by a single look. MediAR makes it simple for the user to get to experience and witness a symphony of colors irregardless of how it is drawn. Moreover the app helps the user to store memories into a painting by attaching a video to a painting.

Ever knew blueprints can change into vibrant structures by just scanning it in less than a minute? MediAR eases your work by bringing you the evolution on your work table. The app blends into education with technology to make it a real world away from drawings and writings. Architectural designs come to life only in MediAR simply the end of studio unit struggle for architectural students. The app allows electrical engineers experience the flow of electricity and electrons in an  electrical circuit. Abstract concepts can easily materialize making doctors study the human body and other organisms in 3 dimension. In the near future, you will probably be able to dissect a live frog or a lizard on your reading table.

In the agricultural sector MediAR brings a socio-economic change by giving farmers detail diagrams from their produce and even the state of their crops. Everything can come to life in front of your eyes. Where else will you improve your produce if not in MediAR. The app helps you monitor the level of soil erosion and the quality of soil in 3D if its worth being exploited. The app also plays a big role in economic growth.

Augmented technology comes in handy in content creation where content creators can easily monitor their content. They can easily monitor the peak watch hours and when it’s low. MediAR reduces the circulation of money from consumers, intermediaries and management. You get to be your own boss in your comfort zone.

With the rapid advancement of technology we expect to see the transformation of the world not more on papers or by words but through augmented reality technology. With the high rise in youth population in Africa we hope that MediAR will bring a large impact in their lives through advancement of technology and training many people on technology oriented topics.

Written By: Innocent Charles

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