i do not have a limit at least 5 million for my birthday rapper krg the don says

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Rapper KRG the don is hosting his birthday tonight and he says he will spend at least 5 million shillings.

Speaking at an interview, the Nairobi-based artiste revealed that he does not have a specific budget for his birthday but has a minimum amount of money he is willing to spend.

“I don’t have a limit but I have a minimum. We can spend at least 5 million or as much as we can,” he disclosed.

“I will eat anything that I want, buy whatever I want, and in case we party too much and anyone is unable to pay their bills, I will definitely pay for them. We have planned a lot from 4 pm this evening,” he added.

This comes barely a week after bragging on social media that he was the one who ensured bnnke , Edgar Obares social platform is closed down after the popular money laundering “wash wash” scandal that named him as a member of the elite squad.

“I had said I will delete BNNKE from this planet. They thought I was joking. Who is laughing now,” he shared on his Instagram stories.

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