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Underrated Kenyan Artists

todayOctober 27, 2021 5

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Being a musician or an artist is just a talent like other talents. Most artists are driven by passion and it might be overwhelming if even after giving it all, the energy from your audience is not reciprocated.

In a post on Instagram, Nicki big fish a Kenyan comedian commented under jovial’s post that she is the most underrated artist in Kenya. Jovial a singer recently released a collabo with Bahati. She has also featured alongside Otile Brown. Nicki big fish mentioned a song by jovial and Otile that he thinks should get more vies than what it has currently.

Kelechi Afrikana is also an underrated artist.  Most of you know him from his song by the name Ringafter it was a hit song a while back. Mostly that’s the song he’s well known of.  Kelechi has been dropping hit after hit and what is annoying is that despite investing a lot in his videos, he still gets few views on Youtube. We’re yet to see him being nominated for awards or called up on bigger platforms to perform or even being called to perform outside Kenya.

Many artists who have stayed long in the industry go unnoticed. The likes of Brown Mauzo , Madini Classic, Brandy Maina and so many more. Their songs barely make it to air on radios or TV.

Source: www.mamadj.co.ke

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