Stop feeding the fans negativity Femi One claps back at Eric Omondi.

todayDecember 17, 2021

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Femi One has called out Eric Omondi saying he is always trying to cram Diamond Platnumz songs to know what is going on. The ‘Utawezana’ hitmaker was responding to a statement by Eric that said she had become lazy.

Speaking during an interview with SPM Buzz, Femi said, “Nilijam, nilifeel kama amebelittle wasanii. At first vile alikuwa anaisema hakuisema ivo. I feel the artistes are doing a lot of work on the ground. Right kuna social media si lazima tuende kwa radio stations we just use social media and just Just because you have numbers and a platform, you want to show that Kenyan music haiwezi. I was very offended by that artists are doing so much work huku kwa ground”.

Femi says she doesn’t understand why people are bitter about the song ‘Utawezana’ yet it’s hers. “Utawezana ni ngoma yangu and there is nothing anyone can do. I get booked and get paid for it. If Eric feels Kenyan music is not good, let him not support us, let him not even play it but let him just shut up. Respect artistes…Ye ako busy akicram ngoma za Diamond, when will he kiss Diamond Platnumz a$$ and concentrate on what is going on in the music scene? He changed the narrative because he did wrong.”

“Wanafeed so much negativity to the fans, manze I am the first African female brand ambassador monster but haeze ongelelea about that. Kama hataki kusupport Kenyan music asisupport but don’t trash it!”
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