Single and not worried says veteran singer Mbuvi

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Gospel singer Mbuvi has opened up on why he is still single. In an interview on Chris Baraka’s Youtube channel Mbuvi said he is very content with his life and waiting on God’s timing;

“I am not married and not worried. At every stage of life, the Bible says God keeps you there for reason and as long as you are content and you have God, you are okay. The other part of you will open up in God’s good time.”

He said he has an interest in girls but just that his time to settle down with one is not yet there. “That doesn’t mean, I don’t have interest in girls, we don’t go for kahawas, we do but that time ndio haijafika. Marriage time is not about the dispensation of age as most people expect, but amazing things happen at different times for different people. Mary got pregnant at the age of 14/15 when she was pregnant with Jesus, same as Abraham so I am just living my life. Content with God. Maybe God still thinks my ministry is okay without a wife,” he said.

Asked if he has ever been heartbroken, Mbuvi said “If you face a heartbreak and you keep carrying it, then you will be unable to minister to people. You have to seek those heartbreaks, and stop passing stress to people you are serving because ministry is an overflow of who you are.”

Is he searching? Mbuvi said, “In life we all search for different things. That is why sahii, I can still go and sing in a wedding since sijaskia the need to search for a wife.”

Mbuvi was known to have dated gospel singer Kambua back the day.


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