Singer Vivian talks about her spiritual attacks amidst joining the entertainment industry.

todayDecember 17, 2021

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Celebrated Kenyan artist Vivian has revealed she had to be prayed for to be delivered from the entertainment’s bad ‘spirits.’ The singer and mother of one says she used to suffer such bad chronic allergies something that ended after she visited a man of God.

She posted on Facebook,”Let me tell you Maina! Weh I used to suffer chronic allergies leaving my face, lips, throat swollen.. ile mbaya! This thing was spiritual and started a year after I joined entertainment… I had toxic fake friendships brought by fame alafu sasa rejection from some entertainment cartels. Aki, I was young and naive. The allergies looked bad and I would have to hide for some days because I was ashamed of how I looked.It’s been 3 yrs na ziliniwacha. Niliombewa and I were in a safe space and I was in a loving environment. Love heals! Love healed my life. God is love! I’m so thankful that God healed me and he continues to heal!#Day3 #31daysofgratitude.”

Netizens jumped to comment on her situation.

@Rico Mwendwa Boomba I can relate to what you are talking about,i felt a presence of something invisible but tormenting me,i always pray and so far God has Guided and protected me

@Shaleen Sharon Hie Vivian, are you born again now? if yes, good to go, if not, run as fast as your legs can carry you towards him, (God)am sure you see how he has transformed you.

@Veronica Agalan Amen,,its rear to find celebrities who come back to thank God and accept their past big up vivi ur such a mentor God bless you



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