Singer Marya talks on toxic marriage

todayDecember 17, 2021 2

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Veteran musician Marya, was a guest on Chatspot this week. The mother of one explained a lot concerning her life. She spoke about was the reason she had taken such a long hiatus?

“At some point, a baby came along and a second marriage. Now dealing with baby and the marriage. You take all the mistakes you learnt from the first marriage and think that this one is going to work and it doesn’t. I think I lost it there. People say that marriage works. For some of us, I think that we need time. I can’t really say what because each person comes with their own characters and you have to deal with them. In the second marriage, there was a child involved. People didn’t understand that I was sticking to the marriage for the child.”

After being asked why she left the marriage she said, she realized she needed to be happy for her child to be happy. “It took me a very long time. I encouraged myself telling myself that I could do it on my own.”

Why had she kept her son away from social media? “It was a joint agreement with the dad. He gave me his perspective and I came to see it was true. I don’t think I want my son to go through something like that.”

Is she scared that her son would read some of the things that have been written about her online? “I think that this coming generation will understand. If it comes up I will talk about it.”

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