Jalango’s spurt on Nadia’s pregnancy during live radio show- breach of privacy?

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The Nadia, Jalango, Arrow Bwoy drama continues. Jalango who is a Kiss FM presenter blurted out on live air that singer Nadia is pregnant and this caused a stir. A day later, presenter Jalango confirmed that he indeed said that she was pregnant, he had seen her with her oversized sweaters and knew she was pregnant after he invited them over to his home but he also said that he will not apologize for letting the cat out of the bag on Nadia Mukami’s alleged pregnancy.

During the Morning Kiss Jalango says if aliropokwa atazidi kuropokwa. “I just want to focus on my own love, I do not know if he is mad or not. To Nadia and Arrow Bwoy if nilikuwa nimeropoka nitaropokwa tena”, he said on air.

Arrow Bwoy had called off Jalango saying awache udaku. He wrote, “2022 wanaume tupunguze mshene bana biashara haikuhusu achana nayo kabisa  shugulika na maisha yako.

Speaking to his co-host of the Morning Kiss, Kamene Goro, Jalang’o said, “Arrow Bwoy ameniaka kwa mablogs akisema ati mimi nikona mucene, mimi ni mdaku…sasa ninatrend bana… but then to Nadia and Arrow Bwoy, kama niliropokwa, poleni… lakini nitaropokwa tena… tutatengeneza bwana… sorry but I’m not sorry!” he said.

What do you think, did Jalango breach Nadia’s privacy?

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