Jalang’o comments on Akothee’s demands on Luo Festival

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Akothee is very demanding says Jalan’go. Speaking at a press conference before the Luo festival event, Jalango shared Akothee’s demands.

“Akothee is the biggest problem I have, she is my sister and I love her so much. Akothee’s bill alone has cost us close to 2 million as we speak. She wants a fully branded chopper, she wants her full bedroom at the event, her own security, 20 bottles of BelAir, 64 white towels, 40 bouncers, she wants to be in a poster alone! Akothee you’re my sister but I hate how you’ve taken every single coin that I have” he said.

He went on to post his frustrations on social media

@Jalangoo Iam not happy ! What kind of artist is this who want to arm twist event organisers!! @akotheekenya I have paid you but Iam not happy! You want me to go back to the village! Everytime we do this event you come with new requirements and demands!! Performance fee 1MILLION!! Professional sound , lights and backline! 1 fully branded chopper! 10 milk white RangeRovers, Personal Backstage, White backstage sofas, Personal chef, Personal toilet, Personal doctor and massage table! 40 bouncers , four armed policemen and 4 dogs, 62 white towels, Assorted soft and hard drinks, 20 bottles of champagne, Peformance time 9 to 10 exactly!! You have taken the whole budget!! Anyway kuja tu!! One day !! I swear 1 day utawacha hizi mbwe mbwe!!

He went to say that the team from Chandaria helped subsidize the budget. Rosy took almost the whole cost for Akothee and now she was comfortable. He went to say that he supports artists in demanding their requests before going for a gig.

“I think Akothee has set a good pace of what she wants. I keep telling artists to always say their demands and not bad-mouth Kenyan promoters. Did you ask for your demands, did you say how you wanted to be treated, were you given your requirement? I think all artists should always ask for their demands before going to a show or performance” he added.

What do you think of Akothee’s demands?

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