I was the one supporting him” Simpleboy’s mother-in-law exposes management for swindling him.

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Hit maker Stivo simple boy lands on the Kenyan radar but not with good news this time.

With his first hit song, Vijana tuache mihadarati , netizens expect him to be loaded, right?

Wrong! According to his mother in law when the pandemic hit she took him in.

“I was the one supporting him, even Purity’s stepfather was saying I kick him out. I told him ‘you never know, God might be using this boy to save us, his people have abandoned him, how can we leave him?’ ”

Speaking to Stivo, the mum in law said;

Simpleboy, wherever you are…if your management is telling you to say this and this… Just remember where they are from because I know your background. If you listen to this, remember what you say.”

“I hear many people faking stories, but I know Simpleboy’s background, I can tell you where he has come from and where he is now.”

Pritty , Stivos girlfriend confirmed the rumor that the management team takes 99% of the profit leaving him with only 1% when she held a candid interview with the press

According to Pritty, her man – Stivo Simple is not in any position to make demands since his finances are handled for him. And being one without knowledge of how the entertainment industry works – his management ends up using him for their own benefit.

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