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Abbas Kubaf’s plagiarism claims cause online debate

todayDecember 17, 2021 4

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Recently a poster was shared online of an upcoming film titled “Nairoberry” by renowned filmmaker Jenifer Gatero. This didn’t sit well with the veteran rapper Abbas Kubaf who claimed that she should have at least been contacted before using the word he supposedly coined. This has caused an online uproar with people taking sides between the two sides. Taking to his social media, the rapper posted:-

@Abbasdoobeez This is not a bragging post! If you are not the concerned/involved artists on the project pls don’t pick up weird keyboard brushes to paint selfish-oriented narratives of all kinds. Paperwork issues will be handled by the right pple respectfully.Just out of courtesy, Ksouth should have been atleast informed about what was happening before hand instead of me finding out 2 days ago via fb, on a ready made poster.Im not trollin’ or pocket tappin others’ moneys. This is just a moment of clarity so we can be on the same page out of respect!!..If the filmmakers had put me in the loop I’d probably throw in some ill soundtracks on top of it to add more weight/value to the project in the name of being supportive and backing up my own brand. Matter fact I do support all creatives with brilliant ideas.. coz I’m bidniz minded like that… I will not speculate invisible money talks or argue about the outcome of this scenario here though some.. are making some wild comments out there… The film creators should have 1st check the temperature, sort logistics and checked some boxes. Its not that complex!! #RespectTheArt #ksouth #nairoberry Salute!!

@baa.ke We need proper legislation on plagiarism. A lot of people don’t understand how discouraging it is and how it hurts artistes/creators. How would the film director feel if her movie was bootlegged. It’s even worse when it’s a fellow creative doing this to another creative.

@karita.sam There’s a few jams under the same name, and one thing you’ll notice that’s common with all these artistes, they are all very young guys. They know not the origin of the slang term, they were born into a world using the term widely. Some shit we just have to let go, the real ones know who coined the term, and that’s what matters at the end of the day.

@Skytanzania But I see @jgatero gave you some credits as shown on the screenshot she posted yesterday. If you are willing to support the project as you have stated here, I think her post was kind enough to cool you off my G!

What is your take on this?

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